How To Give Your Skin an At-Home Facial

Giving your skin a facial at home is sure to reveal softer, clearer smoother and younger skin, while maintaining the results of your monthly facials. Doing so can give you results above and beyond your regular skin care regimen. As seen in the photos above, I demonstrate how to give yourself a mini facial. Here are the steps! 1. Cleanse. Today I am using my Cranberry Foaming Wash, one of my favorites! When mixed with water this gels work up to a creamy foaming lather that lifts away make-up and dermal debris in seconds, purging destructive components from the skin. Nutrient rich ingredients such as Shea Butter, Licorice, Beta Glucosamine, Vitamin B, Calendula & Horse Chestnut, revive environ

Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials always seemed like a fad to me until I tried one about 2 years ago. Woah was I wrong! Oxygen facials are amazing for almost every skin type, and a few of the most common skin care concerns today. Here is a little blurp from the AND Skincare website about oxygen and what happens in an oxygen facial, with my take on the benefits at the end! Unstable oxygen is known as free radicals, the most common ones are single atoms, which are unstable due to unpaired electrons. Free radicals react readily in a chemical process called OXIDATION. Cell membranes are most vulnerable to this type of damage, to avoid chemical process it needs to be neutralized by antioxidants or trapped by Spin T




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