I broke out after hair removal. Should I try it again?

You got your eyebrows, lip, or even full face waxed or sugared and you broke out in what looks like tiny pimples. What happened, and should you try it again? This is a common problem, and there is actually often a fairly simple fix, so the short answer is yes, you should try it again! What causes this to happen? When hair is removed from the root you bring the oil and bacteria to the surface of the skin. This, along with open pores after extracting the hair can make the skin more prone to this kind of "breakout". This is a form of irritant dermatitis or could be an allergic contact dermatitis. Can I prevent this? An ice pack on your lip after hair removal might be helpful, as well as an over

Does It Really Matter What Kind Of Cleanser I Use?

Hi beauty! We all love a good cleanser, but I often find many buy into the myth that a cleanser is only on your skin for a few seconds, so what type of cleanser you use doesn't matter. I'm here to bust that myth! There are many different types of cleansers which I can go into detail about another time, but today I want to talk about the two basic types and how they can effect your skin care regimen. Typically a cleanser is either milky/creamy or foaming/gel. Although this isn't true for all of them, it's important to know that a lot of milky or creamy cleansers often have an oil base and can leave a residue on the skin. This can potentially block your other skin care products from being effe




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