Tips To Help Dry, Cracked Winter Hands

Dry hands in the winter can be a real problem for a lot of people. The lack of moisture in the air combined with drying heat, lots of hand washing or alcohol-based hand sanitizers can result in cracking dry hands. Here’s my tip for keeping hands soft and moisturized all winter long. #1 Wear Gloves Whenever Possible 9 out of 10 times this alone can transform your hands! I recommend if you're really prone to dry hands that you wear gloves anytime it's below 50 degrees. This protects your hands from being zapped of moisture and harsh dry winds. Also, wear rubber gloves when you're washing dishes! If you're having serious issues wear a thicker lotion under some cotton gloves while sleeping at ni

My Holiday Gift Guide!

I can't believe it's almost December and Christmas will be here before we know it! Today I'm giving you a few simple gift options for a friend, co-worker or maybe in someone's stocking you love! Gift #1 Magic Mitt and Micellar Water With this $20 kit you can remove your makeup with just water, or it also includes a mini micellar water to do a little extra cleansing! You can read more about this awesome mitt here! Gift #2 Have you always wanted to give makeup to a beauty junkie but not known their shade? This $33 Pure & Simple Kit includes two pressed foundation shades, a pressed blush, lip and cheek stain, our best selling Oyster and Supernova eyeshadows! It's an awesome way to try Jane Ired




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