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Licensed Esthetician & Spa Owner

Kayla is a passionate Esthetician from a small town that began loving the beauty industry long before she knew what an Esthetician was. At a young age she started to struggle with acne, and that is where her skin care journey began. Kayla started reading beauty books, making her own skincare products, and blogging - always hungry to learn more. After years of research, she discovered many of the authors of the books she was reading were Estheticians, and that is where the journey began. 

In 2011 Kayla opened her first spa suite in Berea where she met many of her clients that are still with her today. Around that time Kayla also became an Educator for A Natural Difference Skincare and currently writes their blog posts. She is also a Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring Educator and Certifies Cosmetologists and Estheticians in this awesome technique. Kayla has always been excited to be married and have a family! On August 4th, 2017 Kayla married the love of her life, Jordy. Her business is her dream and passion, but life with Jordy has been her greatest adventure. Kayla spends a lot of her time reading beauty blogs as well as testing the newest products and treatments at home. She also loves to cook healthy foods for her and her husband, stay fit with barre workouts (a former ballerina!), and what almost every woman loves to do, shop! In 2019 Kayla opened the current Skin Care by Kayla Marie location at 211 Front Street after a major renovation to the space! In 2020 Kayla won "BEST FACIAL" in Cleveland by Cleveland City Voter.​ In 2022 Jordy & Kayla welcomed their first child, a baby boy!


A Natural Difference Master Esthetician

Tamaras Sugar Body Sugaring

Gua Sha Facial Fusion


& more.



Licensed Esthetician

Hannah is a licensed Esthetician who is passionate and eager to learn more. She first fell in love with makeup in junior high. She spent hours practicing new makeup looks, watching countless YouTube tutorials, and following every new trend. Through makeup, Hannah discovered how important skincare was and soon became obsessed with the idea of becoming an Esthetician. In 2018, Hannah graduated from college with a degree in the medical field. She worked in the field for a few months before she realized it was not for her, and she needed to pursue her passion. In 2020, Hannah started her esthetician program. While in school Hannah drove past Kayla’s spa almost every day, so she decided to reach out to her. Kayla gave Hannah her first opportunity to work as an Esthetician and she is beyond excited for her future with Skin Care By Kayla Marie! Hannah is working towards her Master Esthetician Certification with A Natural Difference Skincare and is certified in Dermaplaning. In her free time, Hannah loves to read, go thrift shopping, and hang out with her sister. She got married to her husband Chris in May 2019 and they have two fur babies together, a dog and a cat. 


Tamaras Sugar Body Sugaring 


Businesses located inside of Skin Care by Kayla Marie:


Beauty by Ashley Kline

Licensed Cosmetologist

Ashley is a creative and expressive cosmetologist from Cleveland. She has always been very hands and art driven from a young age. From dying her hair, doing her makeup, and the way she dressed, she continued to find herself in her creativity. She began doing her friend's hair, nails, and makeup for school dances to special events and quickly fell in love with it. When she was introduced to the opportunity to start trade school for cosmetology she couldn't have been any more thrilled. It was those two years of school that solidify for her that this was where she wanted to be. 


In 2012 Ashley started working at the first salon where she learned there was so much more she could be doing in this field. She moved to a spa in 2013 and worked there for 3 years. This is where she met many of her clients that she still knows today. On May 4th, 2018 Ashley married her best friend, Spencer! This came with a large sacrifice of having to put cosmetology on hold to put her husband through school. It was hard, but it was worth it to have him pursue his dream. Spencer graduated from his Master's Program in December 2019. As soon as they were done celebrating, Ashley reached out to Kayla to take her sugaring class, which she had been interested in for quite some time. The timing couldn't have been any more perfect! Ashley started working at Skin Care By Kayla Marie in February 2020 and now rents a room for her business Beauty by Ashley Kline.  

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