Great for skin types: All, pigmented, melasma, sun damage, dull skin. 

Key ingredients: L-ascorbic acid (vit C) brightens the skin and discolorations. Stimulates collagen formation. Camu camu is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and protects the skin from free radicals, which are what cause aging.

Esthetician notes: This serum works very well for protecting the skin through the summer from discolorations as well as with antioxidants. A client favorite paired with Brightening Lotion, Z-Plus and Chiral A Discoloration at night.


Great for skin types: Pigmented, melasma, sun damage, precancerous lesions, acne, rosacea.

Key ingredients: Chirally correct L-arbutin lightens discolorations on the skin with consistent use. Also contains retinol which speeds up cell turnover and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Bromelain which is an enzyme that improves skin texture and tone.

Esthetician notes: Great for all types of discolorations on the skin as well as anti-aging. Smells wonderful and a client favorite!


Great for skin types: Cystic acne, acne, acne scarring, brightening, large pores, skin impurities. 

Key ingredients: Azelaic acid. Antibacterial and healing to clarify problematic skin. Also helps with PIH, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is a pink or red mark left after you have a breakout.

Esthetician notes: Great for spot treating a blemish when you first start to feel a bump under the skin. 


Great for skin types: All BUT sensitive. Hyperpigmentation, acne. 

Key ingredients: Lactic acid increases the natural moisture factor. Salicylic acid kills bacteria and clears pores. Koji acid lightens discolorations. 

Esthetician notes. A Potent serum for fighting discolorations. Great to rotate with Chiral A Discoloration.


Great for skin types: All, stressed or over-treated skin, sun damage, acne scarring, dryness.

Key ingredients: Stem cells and tri-peptides protects and repair the skin while fighting aging. Hyaluronic acid, buddelja cell culture, seabuckthorn, coenzyme Q-10.

Esthetician notes: This serum covers many concerns from dryness to anti-aging along with acne scarring. Super hydrating and luxurious. 


Great for skin types: Wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, dull skin acne, rosacea, melasma, liver spots, dark circles under eyes, darkened skin, blemishes, oily skin, warts. 

Key ingredients: Retinaldehyde, retinol a step below Retin-A with out the redness, inflammation and irritation. L-Carnosine (antioxidant), sea buckthorn, beta glucan, sandalwood, lavender, squalene oil.

Esthetician notes: If you are looking for the cure all anti-aging product, this is your go-to! Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce the appearance of pore size, lightens discolorations among other benefits.


Great for skin types: Rosacea, photo-aged, acne rosacea, redness. 

Key ingredients: Licorice which is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial helping calm redness.

Esthetician notes: Great for redness from rosacea, acne and any other factors. Also calms down angry blemishes.