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8 Reasons To Consider Jane Iredale Makeup

First off, I realize that I might be bias in writing this, but after a long time of searching for a makeup line to offer each of you, Jane is truly is the very best. Let me give you some facts to show you her difference!

1. Clean - Jane Iredale doesn't use any dirty ingredients. What does that mean? She does studies on all her ingredients to make sure that not a single one is harmful to our bodies before she puts them in her products.

2. Skincare - As you know, skincare is my passion. I love to help you see your skin clear up, or help you save money by using products that will work the first time that are cost effective and saving you time in the store! Jane's company phrase is "The Skin Care Makeup" so it makes sense that all of Janes products have skincare ingredients in them so that they are BENEFITING your skin. If something is going to be on your skin for long periods of time a day, I want it to be doing something more that just coat your skin. All of Jane's products contain anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients. Inflammation is one of the top causes of aging, so why would you ever want to use makeup that is going to irritate and inflame your skin?!

3. Sunscreen - Recommended by the Skin Care Foundation, Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer blocks out 91% of UVA rays at just an SPF 15, and all her powders block out 95.5% at SPF 20. Jane also has products like Glow Time BB Creme which has an SPF 25, and Powder Me SPF with an SPF 30.

A few smaller notes:

4. RICH Pigments - Jane Iredale products are so rich in pigment that I promise you with the right tools and usage they will last you MUCH longer than any other makeup you have ever used!

5. Application videos for EVERY product she makes - If you don't know how to apply a product, just head to YouTube (or as me!) She has made a less than 2 minute video for every product to show you how to apply it properly, and with what tool for the best results.

6. Committed to Making Products Environmentally Friendly - Jane's Hydration Sprays are ECOCER-Certified and all packaging is made with the most biodegradable packaging which allows for the least amount of emissions into the environment. Her headquarters is also very eco-friendly, and her employees tend a garden!

7. So Many Awards - From Glow Time BB Creme and Smooth Affair Brightening Primer being top choices for magazines like Allure, or in 2014, Jane's products have tons of mentions in magazines and on blogs every month for being outstanding products.

8. Every Esthetician I have ever met, says she's the best! - I thought long and hard for a couple of years about a makeup line. In the process I asked all of my Esthetician friends. Again and again they would always say to get Jane because she was the best!

With clean ingredients, skin care ingredient (beneficial for the skin!), sunscreen and more, Jane is worth a try! If you are curious, just call or text me for a FREE consultation!

To happy, healthy skin!


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