A true spa experience. Relaxation, and results.

We believe that your skincare treatment experience should be a relaxing one. Life in today's world is busier than ever, and we want to be your escape! Our skincare studio was designed to be a calming, relaxing and results driven space to serve you best! You're welcome to be quiet during your treatment or even take a nap. You're also welcome to chat and tell us all about yourself! This is YOUR time and we want it to be spent however you'd like. We want to offer a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and leave feeling uplifted!

Combining nature and science for relaxation and results!

We choose to use products that combine the best natural and organic ingredients along with a few bioengineered ingredients to give results! We all want to see our acne improve, discolorations fade and look 10 years younger right? Kayla has been using A Natural Difference Skincare for the past 8 years and this product line was the line that finally helped her acne in her early 20's!

A sweeter form of hair removal

Since 2011 Kayla has been only offering sugaring hair removal. Her own skin did not respond well to wax in Esthetics school and she knew there had to be a better, more natural way! Kayla fell in love with this amazing technique and today trains other spa professionals in this sweet form of hair removal! You can read all about it here.


Skincare by Kayla Marie began right after Christmas in 2012 in a very small facial space in Berea. Kayla wanted to offer spa treatments with the products she loved in a relaxing environment without the pressures to conform to a certain way of offering treatments. Kayla is very passionate about taking a holistic approach to skincare realizing that the skin is a reflection of what is within. It's all about finding that balance of great skincare, and taking care of our bodies too! Over the years Kayla's love for beauty has only grown and she has since become an educator for A Natural Difference Skincare as well as Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring. Today, Skin Care by Kayla Marie has grown to multiple spa professionals and we're passionate about helping you achieve your skincare goals and treating you to a relaxing experience. We're ready for a spa day whenever you are! 



Licensed Esthetician, Nail Tech & Spa Owner.

Kayla is a passionate Esthetician from a small town that began loving the beauty industry long before she knew what an Esthetician was. At a young age she started to struggle with acne, and that is where her skin care journey began. Kayla started reading beauty books, making her own skincare products, and blogging - always hungry to learn more. After years of research, she discovered many of the authors of the books she was reading were Estheticians, and that is where the journey began. 

In 2011 Kayla opened her first spa suite in Berea where she met many of her clients that are still with her today. Around that time Kayla also became an Educator for A Natural Difference Skincare and currently writes their blog posts. She is also a Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring Educator and Certifies Cosmetologists and Estheticians in this awesome technique. Kayla has always been excited to be married and have a family! On August 4th, 2017 Kayla married the love of her life, Jordy. Her business is her dream and passion, but life with Jordy has been her greatest adventure. Kayla spends a lot of her time reading beauty blogs as well as testing the newest products and treatments at home. She also loves to cook healthy foods for her and her husband, stay fit with barre workouts (a former ballerina!), and what almost every woman loves to do. Shop!

Kayla's Specalties include:

Custom Facials and Peels with a holistic aproach

Sugaring Hair Removal, Eyebrow Arching and correction

Customized Home Care Regimens

Relaxation/Stress Reduction




High Frequency

Microdermabrasion, Diamond Peel, Jet Peel 

Airbrush Makeup

A Natural Difference Skin Care Advanced Exfoliation

Certified Master Esthetician with A Natural Difference

Certified Sugaring Hair Removal Practitioner and educator, with Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring

Jane Iredale Makeup – Beautiful Brides, Everything Eyes, Foundation For Beautiful Skin, Color Confidence and more.

Ultrasonic Spatula

Gua Sha



Licensed Esthetician

Bethany has been a lover of all things beauty from a very young age and never thought her love could turn into a full time career! Throughout high school, Bethany was lucky and never struggled with the typical teenage hormonal acne and found herself so attentive to hearing about the skin concerns of her friends and wanted to know more. She also found this love for being the go-to makeup artist for every school dance and special occasion. She fell in love with learning all about new beauty trends, testing new products and experimenting on herself and others.


Bethany met Kayla while she was in high school and immediately they connected over their love for the beauty industry and Kayla introduced her to the world of esthetics. When Kayla asked Bethany to join her at Skincare by Kayla Marie it was an absolute dream come true! Bethany is passionate about getting to know her clients and helping them through their skin concerns while taking a more natural treatment approach. Bethany spends a lot of free time reading beauty blogs, shopping, researching the latest trends in beauty and skincare and serving at her church in the high school ministry.

Custom Facials
Sugaring Hair Removal
Ellebana Lash Lifting
Lash + Brow tinting
Airbrush Makeup
A Natural Difference Skincare
High Frequency




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