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Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter can be tough on our skin causing dry, flaky, dehydrated skin. But, there is hope! Here are my best tips to keep your skin glowing, even during these cold winter months in Ohio!


"What is your exfoliation routine" is one of the first questions every person that walks through my door gets asked. Without a layer of dead skin, products are able to penetrate the skin better, dry skin is improved, oily skin is improved, pores are clearer, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and skin begins to glow! This is especially important if your skin is particularly flaky. That means that that you have dry skin cell build-up on the surface of the skin. So rather than loading on cream to re-hydrate dry skin cells, increase your exfoliation to remove dryness.


Every season requires a change in skincare products, just like we change our clothes with each season. That may mean a thicker moisturizer, adding a water loving serum (something with hyaluronic acid), or even a masque to your regimen. Don't be afraid to ask for my recommendations!


Skincare is amazing, but dry air still zaps moisture from your skin quickly. Protect yourself with a scarf, gloves, a hat and even possibly an occlusive product like AND's Restoraderm if needed to protect from windburn.


The friction caused from turtle necks and wool fibers can rub on the neck causing it to be dry and irritated. Make sure to also use a mild facial scrub in upward motions a couple times a week, and moisturizing your neck just like you would your face. Along with the hands, your neck is one of the first places on your body that will tell someone your age!


During the winter when the air is dry, it looks for moisture wherever it can get it–and that means robbing it from your skin. Keep a humidifier running in your bedroom at night to keep moisture in the air–and in your skin.


Sure, relaxing under hot water, or soaking in a burning hot bath feels great after being out in the cold, but the intense heat of a hot shower or bath actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which leads to a loss of moisture. Whenever possible, keep your showers to cooler water and save your skin!

I hope these few tips are helpful. Stay warm!

Kayla Marie

Updated 1/10/16

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